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  • Creative Advertising & Marketing

    Advertising plays a significant role in how consumers view, relate to and ultimately judge your brand.

    An advertising campaign is not simply about shouting your message from the rooftops – it must develop true chemistry with your target market, which requires a deep-seated understanding of the science behind successful marketing and communication.

    Think of us as your creative 'lab', where we formulate ideas which not only make a dramatic impact, but resonate long after the message has been received. As our name suggests, integration is vital – your key messaging must transcend all media to culminate in one unified, decisive brand and message/s.

    Rest assured, from radio to press, outdoor, TV, digital and more, there's nothing about advertising we don't know, and we can't wait to show you what a truly integrated advertising campaign can do for your brand, business, and ultimately your bottom line.

  • Branding & Strategy

    Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith and perseverance to create a brand. - David Ogilvy

    In a 'churn and burn' world of fast-paced advertising, branding and strategy are the two foundations which stand strong, guiding and protecting every touch point with your brand no matter the current campaign at hand.

    More than just a logo, we encapsulate the full spectrum of branding, including style guides, secondary visual language, as well as complete re-brands. We are the masters at not only creating brands, but fiercely protecting them, building value through disciplined yet creative undertakings which capture the hearts and minds of your consumers with a view to ultimately changing or reinforcing perceptions and behaviour.

    Influencing behaviour is a key element behind our strategic planning methodologies. Rather than responding to the market with knee-jerk reactions, our strategic thinking gives you the foresight and confidence needed to proactively navigate the road ahead.

  • Digital

    SEO. SEM. Social media.

    It's not hard to remember a time when these digital terms just didn't exist.

    Yet today, it's the businesses that don't embrace these concepts that are risking their own existence.

    Digital communications isn't just about moving your advertising message online. In the digital sphere, consumers are actively seeking to not only find but interact with your brand, and you need to make sure you're a part of the conversation.

    We can help you take control of your digital destiny through innovative website development, content management systems, search engine marketing (facebook ads, google adwords, etc.) search engine optimisation, apps, mobile sites, viral videos and more.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design is more than pretty pictures. It has the power to influence your target market both consciously and subconsciously, which is why at Integrated Concept, we treat all aspects of graphic design with the respect it deserves.

    From logos to brochures, packaging and point of sale, graphic design must achieve multiple objectives in every execution, from establishing or reinforcing a corporate identity to simply ensuring your messaging stands apart in a sea of cluttered communication.

    This responsibility is what drives our in-house team of graphic designers, who continually seek out the most cutting-edge visual solutions for our diverse client base. As you'll see, it's why it makes us the only solution for your business design requirements.

  • Additional Services

    We take the 'integrated' part of our name pretty seriously. Which is why we go above and beyond to offer as many services as possible to ensure you find everything you need via one convenient point of contact.

    Here are just a few of the additional services we can utilise to enhance your marketing and communication.

    Media buying: Media buying can be a minefield of specifications, approvals and more. Avoid a costly business blow-up with our professional media buying service. Events: From RSVP's to OHS, we expertly manage all aspects of event management, catering to your every unique requirement to ensure a successful lead-up and event. Printing: Taking your precious collateral from a computer screen to a tangible product is a rewarding experience. We can help optimise the final result with advice on finishing, quotes, third party liaising and more.

  • Integrated in China

    At Integrated Concept, we're all about building your business, both here and overseas.

    It's no secret that China's economy is booming, with 500,000,000 customers currently online. Yet strict controls and cultural barriers have made it extremely difficult for Australian businesses to target this lucrative market.

    Until now.

    Integrated Concept has partnered with a complete and certified digital marketing arm providing businesses with a seamless entry into the Chinese market through Chinese website development and translation, Chinese online advertising, Chinese e-commerce, Chinese SEO and Chinese Social media.

    As China quickly becomes the largest and most lucrative market in the world, it is those businesses that establish themselves sooner (rather than later) and consistently deliver a professional Chinese user experience that will prosper.

    Talk to us today about making your lucrative transition into China.

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Charles has 18 years worth of design, strategic marketing, advertising and campaign management experience for some of the world's biggest brands.

He began his professional career at Young & Rubicam, Melbourne. During his tenure at Y&R, Charles worked on campaigns for Mattel, Honda and Adidas. Charles ran the design department for Zurich Financial Services for three years prior to founding Integrated Concept in 2000. While being a talented designer in his own right, Charles’ major creative focus in recent years has been on the digital creative marketing side, where his talents have shone whilst providing creative leadership for the Integrated Concept digital team.

The majority of Charles’s time is divided between consulting with clients, developing novel campaign ideas and briefing designers to bring those campaigns to life. Charles’ passion for our industry is evident in all that he does and by insisting we only ever employ the most creative and talented staff within their fields, meaning our clients only have the best of the best working on their accounts.


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Business Development


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Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Web Developer


Web Developer


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Office Manager


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